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expressGSM offers repair, troubleshooting, and diagnostics of hardware and software for mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops). Prominent and quality expressGSM services make us a supportive when technology makes you hard.

We are the only ones in your city that focus on quality

Are you tired of the poor quality of materials and work done in other services? Do you wonder if you dare to go and fix your product? expressGSM is an authorized service that focuses on the quality of used materials and workmanship. Double quality control before product exit ensures that products that do not meet a high quality standard when handing over to the customer are minimized.


Smartphone repair


Replacing displays (Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia …)
Replacing hardware modules (cameras, sim slots, sensors …)
Hardware repairs of motherboard boards that have been in contact with liquids
Cleaning charging and replacement plugs
Replacement of plastic elements, cases, bands, buttons
Replacement of used batteries
Repairs of microphones, speakers and buttons
Decoders for any phone model (Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Apple, Blackberry, Lg …)


Installation and reconfiguration of operating systems;
Backup and data recovery
Security code removal
BOOT Repairs
Mobile internet configurations
Decodings and resoftings
Installing applications and modules

Tablet repair

expressGSM will provide you with a wide range of tablet repairs. The service makes basic hardware repairs, display change, touchscreen, SIM support changes, resoftings, decodings, unlocks, battery changes. Your tablet will be as new as we’re talking about an iPad, Samsung Tab, Sony, Asus.

  •  LCD, touchscreen or LCD touchscreen replacement
  • Replacement of charging plugs and accumulators
  • Rewrite operating system, firmware, boot
  • Change sim slots, buttons
  • Replacement of headphones, microphones, loudspeakers

Repair of electronic components

ExpressGsm finds optimal solutions at favorable prices for various faults of various components of your car. Among our repaired equipment we can list: injection molding machines, ecu injection computers, comfort booths, dashboards, airbag, abs-esp sbc, electronic displays, navigation, audio systems, video systems.

Laptop service

expressGSM is a service that comes to meet its customers with full laptop service, whether they are Apple, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, HP. If you want an upgrade and you do not want to beat your head, warm up your laptop or it does not start, you broke a plug, broken display, we can meet you with repairing plugs or replacements USB or charging jacks, easy upgrades and at a decent price , reflow, cleaning, heat-conducting paste application, plug-in replacements, display change.

  • Display Replacement, Keyboards, Casing Elements, Batteries
  • Unblocking BIOS, OS and EFI
  • Reflow video chipset, northbridge / southbridge
  • Reballing and video chipset replacement, northbridge / southbridge
  • Repairs and replacement of inverters, lvds tapes, lamps and leds, power sockets, USB connectors
  • Cleaning motherboards, cooling systems, fans, radiators and heat-conducting paste change

GPS repair

  • Firmware and software rewriting and map updates
  • Hardware interventions on motherboards
  • Replacement of plugs and accumulators
  • Unlock gps devices for cars


The expressGSM service store is available with a wide range of gsm acessories. Here you can find data cables, handsfree, headphones, chargers, silicone or leather covers, flip covers, sd cards

Repair of TVs

We offer our customers the expertise and experience required to diagnose and repair any TV model either smart TV or standard, covering a wide range of brands:
We continually optimize our customer by offering the most advantageous prices in relation to the quality of our services.
We provide warranty for all types of services.

About us

ExpressGSM team Iasi

The young team is counting on the capacity to assimilate new technologies. In continuous professional development, dynamism and seriousness make us a reliable partner.

Dan Teodorescu

Dan Teodorescu

Team coordinator expressGSM
Daniel Bulancea

Daniel Bulancea

Electronic technician

Services provided by gsm Iasi

  • Decoding, hardware and software unlocking

    Authorized gsm service provides network unblocking and unlocking services, rewrite and optimize android operating system, IOS, BlackBerry, WindowsMobile, IMEI rewriting services, bootloader repairs.

  • Repair of hardware and software

    expressGSM offers phone repair services for all new and old models: Nokia, BlackBerry, iPhone, HTC, Samsung, ALLview, Huawei, Alcatel, Sony, Nexus, LG, Philips, Acer, Lenovo, Xiaomi.

  • Change glass and display

    expressGSM offers bottle-shrinkage replacement by lamination process, similar to that of the manufacturer. We use original or the highest quality materials. The work performed is a guarantee of quality. In addition to changing service glass, expressGSM also offers touchscreen, display and full mode replacement services. Product models available in stock vary in a wide range: iPhone, Samsung, Sony, HTC, ALLview, Huawei, etc …

  • Laptops repair hardware and software

    Laptop repair service expressGSM specializes in software repairs | installation and optimization of operating systems in EFI and Bios, WINDOWS, MacOS, IOS, LINUX, | and hardware repair change ic, reflow, reballing, keyboard change, display, cases, batteries, specialized interventions on the motherboard with recovery corroded traces of liquid contact |

  • Hardware and software repair

    expressGSM provides its customers with maintenance, software repair, hardware repair for Apple iPad, Samsung, Lenovo, ALLview, Nexus, ASUS, Acer, Vonino, SONY. We also offer software and hardware repair services for TVs and electronic car components.

  • Data rescue and recovery

    ExpressGSM service provides professional data recovery services, data transfers from hdd to hdd, hdd, hdd, dvd, hdd, hdd stick regardless of the device or operating system (Windows, MacOsX, Linux).

Service facilities gsm Iasi

  • The latest generation of unloking and resofting hardware.

  • Dedicated glass removal machines, specially made for any brands.

  • Original or high quality materials.

  • JBC soldering stations to maximize the success rate and increase the safety of repairs.



Contacting us, the expressGSM team can make appointments, you can find out prices, and check the status of a product in service .






ExpressGSM authorized gsm service personnel are at your disposal whether you need a laptop repair, mobile phone repair, or just have a few questions.

Monday to Friday: 08:30 -20:00
Saturday: 09:00 – 15:00
Sunday: Closed


You can find us in Iasi, National Road, no. 194, close to Podu Ros.

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